The word monoladi is a combination of two greek words: mono (only) and ladi (oil). The brand name was born from our dedication to healthy food and specifically to the Mediterranean diet. The most basic ingredient of this diet is the high consumption of extra virgin olive oil. This was also the starting point of a quest of a healthy diet that would depict the old greek saying ‘healthy mind in a healthy body’ pointing out the need of a healthy body for a healthy mind to work efficiently. The name monoladi points out also our dedication to extra virgin olive oil since it’s the only oil variety we are trading.

Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality products. With 20 years of experience in extra virgin olive oil we collaborate with already tested producers that produce the best oil under the best circumstances and specifications. We sacrifice quantity for quality and that’s one of our success stories. We trade the best extra virgin olive oil and after filtering it we store it under the highest specifications.

monoladi – When Olive oil becomes a way of life!
The superior quality of our products and the continuous improvement of our services create a strong and lasting relationship with our customers, which is the foundation of our success.

The consumer is trying to avoid food products from the mass production industry and is trying to find healthy products free of pesticides and preservatives at fair prices! That’s why we have chosen to trade only extra virgin olive oil of superior quality and high specifications along with chemical certifications of quality. We trade both in the wholesale and the retail market.

Our vision is to promote extra virgin olive oil’s nutritional and health qualities as the essence of well being.

Greek extra virgin olive oil: a true gift from Gods.
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